Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Me and my Sketcher Shape-Ups

Me and my Sketcher Shape-Ups
To those who don't know me let me start by saying I am a complete money miser. I have to think long and hard about anything I purchase.
I had knee replacement in May of 2009. Needless to say my knee has been pretty shot out and I am trying to build some muscle in my withered leg.
So I researched walking shoes. I spent several hours reading about the best shoes for my joints. I looked at MBT, New Balance and Sketcher Shape-Ups. I decided that I would bite the bullet and buy the Sketcher Shape-Ups because the reviews were positive and I loved the way they looked (okay that's not exactly true). I cringed as I got on the website and shelled out $110.00 for my sneakers. I was excited that I was going to get stronger, my leg would hopefully develop and my butt would get perky.
I waited five long days for my shoes. When they arrived and I took them out of the box. They reminded me of orthopedic shoes, but then again I had an orthopedic problem. I tried them on and loved the way they felt. I even got compliments from others that my shoes were "cute."
I rushed home from the police department and flung the "how to walk in your Shape-Ups" CD in the CD player. I practiced walking around with my head held high, shoulders back, heel to the ground and then rolling forward. I was so excited I took out the Shape-Up workout CD and popped it into the CD player. At that point I proceeded to fling myself around in an attempt to keep up with the trainer as she lunged, squatted, and donkey kicked her way through 30 grueling minutes. I want to preface that prior to my knee replacement surgery I was a brick house. After my knee replacement surgery I became a sh*t house. I had not worked out in over a year.
After taking off all my clothes because I was sweating profusely, the demonic trainer finally finished. I felt a sense of accomplishment because I actually got through the workout with just a minimum amount of bile rising up into my throat.
I decided I LOVED my Shape-Ups. I wore them all night. I stood up and rocked back and forth to burn calories. I walked up and down the stairs. I rocked my feet back and forth as I was sitting. I envisioned my body pre-surgery and knew my Shape-Ups were going to help me get back to my old self.
As I took them off at bedtime, I was careful to untie them. I didn't want to kick them off with and risk scuffing them. I lovingly placed them next to my bed, so I could hop right into them the next morning. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.
Then disaster struck. My six year old woke up projectile vomiting. As I rushed him to the bathroom he hurled all over and into my brand new Shape-Ups. I almost broke into tears, but I was a good mother and dealt with my sick kiddo and as soon as he was settled, I grabbed my sneakers and flew downstairs.
As I stood looking at my shoes filled with beef-a-roni I wondered if Sketchers had a hot line I could call to see if I could throw them in the washer. I didn't want to ruin my shoes. I bit my nails wondering what to do. Since it was 2:00am I knew it was too late to call anyone. I'm sure any hot line would be closed as barf in a pair of shoes didn't warrant keeping people on duty 24 hours a day. I bit the bullet and started washing them out in the kitchen sink. There was no way I was going to throw my new kicks in the washer not knowing the repercussions of that decision.
As I turned them over to pour out the beef-a-roni and wash the soles of my shoes I felt defeated. These were the most comfortable shoes and I had paid a lot of money for them. Now they were stained with vomit.
I decided that swabbing, brushing and sponging them off was going to have to do. I gingerly carried them back upstairs and away from any more chances of them being puked on.
The next day I inspected them thoroughly to make sure there were no noodles hanging around on the inside. There were traces of stains in the mesh and they smelled vaguely of throw-up, but I didn't care. I put those puppies on and off I went. No amount of sickness or natural disaster was going to deter me from my goals to get fit. There was no way I was going to retire my shoes after 24 hours.
It wasn't until later that day when the Sketcher Shape-Up workout caught up with me. I was so sore that walking was painful. I looked at my stinking shoes and thought about taking them off and hiding them in the back of the closet.
The thought of stuffing them away really wasn't an option. It wasn't the shoes that made me want to take pain pills, it was the condition of my out of shape body.
I am still in love with my Sketchers, the way they feel so light and soft on my feet, the way I can feel my legs working when I walk. They are worth the investment, but I burned the workout video.


  1. I must say as I'm sitting here in class - my students think I'm a freak cause I'm laughing so hard!!!! Please get the socks to match the shoes!

  2. This story reminded me of the parmesan couch. Hilarious!

  3. This is so funny that I found your blog today...I was just looking at these same shoes at Famous Footwear! I sooo want a pair! I definitely need to firm up the rear :P Sounds like a great workout!

    I'm a new follower from MBC! Love for you to come visit me!

  4. I was thinking of getting these shoes! Thanks for the review. Sorry about the "mess". BTW, I'm following you from MBC.

  5. Oh my GOSH!! Puke on your new shoes. The horror and the comedy - so funny!
    I'm glad you cleaned them up and the investment was worth it. I spend big bucks on running shoes but I broke my wrist last year and like you went from a brick house to a sh*t one. I haven't gotten motivated enough to start down that long road yet, but I have to since I'm getting married this year.


  6. Oh dear. This makes me grateful that I don't have six year olds, but I do have cats and they vomit on everything! You've definitely inspired me to check out these Shape-Up shoes. Cute story!